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Here at PCRM MedIT we specialize in Veterinary Hardware and Software Support and Integration of Labs and Radiology. We are Medical Radiation Surveyors, Certified Radiology Service Engineers and Distributors of medical equipment.

As well as offering you every benefit of the advancements being made in Technology, we pride ourselves in being able to help you keep your Hospital or Clinic running efficiently, effectively and reliably with as little to no disruption to your business and patients.


Certified Radiation Surveyors

As certified Medical Radiation Surveyors for WorkSafe BC in British Columbia, we are able to calibrate your dental and table X-Ray units and certify them according to British Columbian compliance standards. You are then issued a comprehensive report and Radiation Certificate as required by the College of Veterinarians of BC.


Looking to install a new Radiology unit? PCRM MedIT is partnered with several distributors and manufactures to help make your installation seamless and time effective. This also means that because of our partnership with your manufacturer, all installations and repairs carried out by our team are honoured under your unit's manufacturer's warranty.


X-Ray machines require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity.  It is recommended that you get an annual maintenance scheduled where things like the oil, cabling, locks, pedals and conductors are checked. After general steps such as these are completed, a recalibration is performed and then a test shot is taken to ensure everything is perfect.  A detailed report with photographs is supplied after each visit.

Shielding and
X-Ray Room Design

You may need a new room designed, shielding installed, or a shielding report completed, luckily at PCRM MedIT we have you covered. Being certified Medical Radiation Surveyors for WorkSafe BC, in collaboration with your architect, we handle all the designs and we complete the forms for you.

Practice Management Integration

Managing different lab machines and software can be a difficult task. At PCRM MedIT we use the DICOM standard to create an ecosystem where your practice management software works hand-in-hand with your lab machines, X-Ray units, and more.

IT and

We source, install and support all of your IT hardware and software needs In-Hospital and In-Clinic from computers, networking, and telephone systems to DICOM and PACS Servers.

Data Continuity
and Backup

With the increase in Ransomware and the costly loss of data, we offer redundant storage units that backup every night keeping your valuable data safe and local within Canada.

Onsite Antivirus Solutions

We offer Antivirus software designed to prevent, detect, and remove software viruses, and other malicious software like worms, trojans, adware, and more.  The bombardment is constant, with numerous new pieces of malware created daily. Make sure you have a secure Antivirus solution to keep your practice safe.

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